A rigorous inspection and testing process is ensured for all products

Our quality management system has been critically developed to integrate all the processes that add value to the products and services that reach our clients, from the design of our products to the rigorous management of our contracts. This integrative quality approach is aligned to the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard, which certifies our documented pursuit towards meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements. Our efforts towards achieving the “Total Quality” prerogative are found at every stage of the value chain, from the quality control planning, to maintaining our facilities in optimum conditions, carrying the necessary inspections and testing of equipment, and to conducting specific quality control activities, such as ensuring welding procedures are followed. One of the most important aspects of quality control is ensuring material traceability. At Savitri Steel, this is supported by our Fabrication Management System, StruMIS, harnessing the information flow and work processes between departments, suppliers and clients, as well as by the Piece Monitoring System, which controls each individual piece of steel from material stock through production, at each stage until delivery.